New Leaf Crawlspace Solutions is based right here in Vancouver, Washington and is a local, family owned company.  We have been serving our customers in Vancouver, Washington and the rest of the Portland Metro area since 2012.  Our team of experienced technicians and crew can solve any crawlspace issue.

What we specialize in

Crawlspace cleaning in Vancouver Washington can include many elements.  Typically a crawlspace will require cleaning when either animals (usually rodents or raccoons) infest and damage the space or when water intrudes the space.  With either of these scenarios, we can make your crawlspace clean, dry and as good as new!

When we are cleaning a crawlspace, we typically call this a “crawlspace restoration”.   Generally, this includes the removal and replacement of vapor barrier and either the repair or replacement of subfloor insulation.  It may also include replacing or repairing air ducts, sealing animal entry points and decontamination.

If water is in your crawlspace, we can remove the standing water and install a full drainage system to keep it dry.  First, we will want to determine how water is getting in and whether the source is groundwater or surface water.  Typically, a custom drainage solution from New Leaf will have a french drain and sump pump to get water out and keep it out.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Crawlspace  Cleaned?

This really depends on the situation and how much damage has taken place, but it is always free to have us do an inspection.  We have technicians available now to give you a free inspection and estimate.  To schedule, please call our office or use the contact form and our friendly office staff will be able to help you.