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Vapor Barriers Vancouver WA

Vapor Barriers Installation in Vancouver, WA

Vapor Barriers Vancouver WAA vapor barrier is an important element to have in place to prevent harmful excess moisture issues like mold growth from forming underneath your home. New Leaf Crawl Space Solutions provides competitive pricing and exceptional workmanship in installing vapor barriers in crawl spaces in Vancouver, WA, and around the Portland Metro area. As with all of our services, we offer a free crawl space inspection and estimate.

What is a vapor barrier?

A vapor barrier is a protective plastic barrier that stops moisture from rising up from the soil underneath your home into the structural portions of your crawl space. The plastic should be black (not clear) and be at least 6 mils to be up to code. It is installed in a way that it will cover the ground and soil but overlapped to allow for drainage if water vapor gets on top of it. The barrier helps protect your home from wood rot, pests, and humidity that can gather in the space.

Get vapor barrier installation today!

Homes without a vapor barrier or an improperly installed one may experience moisture issues that can lead to mold, dry rot, and other harmful conditions. The soil underneath a home is naturally damp and as the moisture rises from the soil, it can cause problems.  A simple 6 mil vapor barrier can effectively stop many moisture-related problems. Even homes that have existing vapor barriers should be checked because their vapor barrier may be improperly installed or have a material that is damaged or at an improper thickness. Contact our team today for vapor barrier installation or vapor barrier replacement for your home.

What you can expect from the New Leaf team

Vapor Barrier Installation Vancouver WAWe take pride in being able to provide quality work at an affordable price.  We offer a free crawl space inspection and estimate, as well as a price match guarantee. If you do choose to have us proceed with the installation, you will find that we are reliable, professional, and courteous. After our work is completed, we will return to your home in about 30 days (upon request) to make sure that everything is working. Lastly, we will stand behind our work and offer a complimentary 1 to 5-year workmanship warranty depending on the scope of the project.