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Crawl Space Cleaning Vancouver WA

Get your experienced Crawl Space Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

Crawl Space Cleaning Vancouver WAGetting the crawl space underneath your home cleaned regularly is extremely beneficial for the house, as well as every person in the home. Crawl spaces share nearly half of the same air as the house does, meaning if the area is not clean, residents and guests could be breathing in harmful air. Leaving the area unchecked can lead to several different issues including mold, water damage, rodent infestations, down insulation, and even a compromised foundation. Keep your home healthy by calling the local team at New Leaf Crawl Space Solutions to properly inspect your crawl space and provide quality crawl space cleaning services for your home!

What is crawl space restoration?

Typically, a crawl space restoration is needed when the area underneath your home becomes damaged or contaminated. Sometimes this is due to water damaging the subfloor and sometimes it is due to rodents or other wildlife nesting and contaminating the area. Either way, the process of cleaning a crawl space is going to be similar. We will bag and remove the contaminated material, which will usually include insulation, vapor barrier and any other contaminants. Once the area is clear, we treat the crawl space with a ulv fogger that cleans and decontaminates. Finally, we will replace the insulation and vapor barrier with new materials. If your home’s crawl space has been damaged by water or pests to a point where cleaning won’t solve the problem, we offer competitive pricing for crawl space restorations. Our contractors can not only clean the area but will address the main source of the problem and put preventative measures in place to make sure no more damage occurs.

Crawl Space Cleaning Contractors in Vancouver WA

Finding the best crawl space contractors in Vancouver WA and the Portland area can be difficult. However, when you choose New Leaf for your crawl space cleaning services, you’re truly getting the best service for the best price. Our team of contractors comes with years of experience and knowledge to properly clean your home’s crawl space encapsulation. We take the time to give the area a proper inspection and look for any potential issues. When you need the best company for cleaning and other crawl space services, contact the professional team at New Leaf today and get a free inspection!

Common Causes for Crawl Space Cleaning

  • Moisture Seeping from Ground – If there is any exposed dirt in the area, it may be allowing moisture from the ground to seep into the space and create issues.
  • Condensation – Because of the wet climate in the Pacific Northwest, condensation can accumulate in crawl spaces and create puddles or drips in the area and on the vapor barrier.
  • Standing Water or Flooding – If your home doesn’t have a sump pump in the crawl space, it may be susceptible to standing water or flooding, especially in seasons with heavy rainfall.
  • Damaged or Falling Insulation – If the crawl space insulation below your home is damaged or falling, it can cause moisture to build on joists and sub-flooring.
  • Mold – Mold is a fairly normal occurrence in crawl spaces that carry too much moisture and water. Mold can create dry rot in the sub-flooring of the home.
  • Pest Infestation – Termites, other insects, and rodents can make their way into crawl spaces and can wreak havoc on the sub-flooring and insulation, causing more damage to your home.

Crawl Space Restoration Vancouver WAIf you’re noticing a strange odor or scratching sounds coming from below the house, you may be in need of crawl space repair and cleaning. Rodents that infest the area can destroy vapor barriers and cause more damage over time without moisture control. Make sure you keep your home’s air quality and humidity level perfect with regular cleanings from New Leaf.

Contact New Leaf for Crawl Space Cleaning and Repair

If you fear that your home may have damage in its crawl space or needs to be cleaned, contact the professional team at New Leaf today and get quotes for our repair and cleaning services. Our team can properly clean the space and inspect for water damage, infestations, and more. Making sure your crawl space is clean can help keep your home’s ducts clear and keep the air in your home clean for all. Call us today to get quotes for our cleaning and repair services in Vancouver, WA, and the rest of the Portland area!