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Mold Remediation Vancouver WA

Quality Mold Remediation Services by New Leaf

Mold Remediation Vancouver WAMold can develop just about anywhere in your home. Living in the Pacific Northwest means that every home is susceptible to it due to the wet and moist climate in the region. When moisture gets trapped within the home, specifically in places like the crawl space, it can cause mold spores to develop and lead to more growth over time. New Leaf Crawl Space Solutions specializes in mold inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation in Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding areas. We have a team of dedicated mold removal experts to help inspect and clear any mold growths in the basement and crawl space of your Washington home. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our experts!

Your local choice for Mold Removal

When your property has been struck by mold damage and mold contamination, it can be detrimental not only to the integrity of the home but for the health of those living in it. New Leaf is your best choice for halting the growth and spread of mold in Vancouver, WA, and the Portland Metro area. Our team is well-trained in the industry and experienced in finding your mold problem, as well as finding the source. A lot of times, mold growth in crawl spaces and attics is caused by moisture leaks in the area. If a crawl space does not have a sump pump or one that is not properly installed, it can lead to water damage and flooding in the area. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have your crawl space properly inspected!

Mold Specialists in Vancouver, WA

Mold Removal Vancouver WAOur local team of mold remediation specialists has been serving the communities of Portland and SW Washington for years. We know how to properly identify, remove, and protect our families from exposure to mold by using a thorough inspection and remediation process. Once our team is in your home, we begin the process of removing the vegetative growth and sand the affected area down. Most of the other companies will simply treat the mold with a mold-killing spray, but at New Leaf, we go the extra mile. Once we’ve sanded down the affected area, we kill the remaining mold with a spray and proceed to cover the area with a mold-killing primer paint, ensuring the prevention of mold in the future.

We can inspect your attic for mold as well!

While our specialty is in the spaces underneath your home, we can also inspect your home’s attic for mold growth as well! Due to the damp environment here in the Pacific Northwest, making sure your house is properly insulated can help stop mold damage in your attic.

What you can expect from New Leaf

Our customers know what puts us apart from other companies. We like to begin by performing a free inspection and mold assessment, as well as an accurate estimate and quote at your home. After we discuss our recommendations with you, we will never pressure you and will allow you the time and space that you need to make your decision. If you do choose to do business with us, you will find that we are punctual, dependable, and courteous. The work that we will perform at your home will be of the highest quality and we will always leave your home clean and tidy when we are done. At the completion of your mold remediation project, we will perform a quality control check 30 days later upon request. Lastly, we stand behind our work and provide a 1 to 5-year workmanship warranty, depending on the scope of the project. Contact us today for mold remediation and restoration services for your property in Portland and Vancouver, WA!