Nl Free CouponWe are the Portland and Vancouver Pest Control experts!  At New Leaf Pest Control, all of our technicians have been in the industry for a minimum of 5 years and we think we do a pretty great job.  We are licensed, bonded and insuread and we cover a wide range of areas from Salem, Oregon up to LaCenter, Washington and everything in between.

Pest Control Treatments

You might be amazed to find out what is living in your crawl space!  Most of the time, pests can live and breed for years without you even realizing that you have a problem.  By the time you find out, some serious issues might already exist.  For example, a rodent infestation can result in a very contaminated crawl space rather quickly and can make a crawl space restoration necessary.  Even more threatening are wood destroying insects like termites, carpenter ants and wood boring beetles which can do major structural damage to your home.  Regardless of what pest issue you might be facing, we have the ability to take care of.  To learn more about out pest control services, please visit our dedicated pest control site by clicking here.

Since pests can invade a home rapidly and without you knowing about it, it is important to have your crawl space checked out at least every year or so.  We offer a free crawl space inspection and home health checklist to show you what areas of your crawl space need to be improved.  By having us check out your crawl space and perform some simple pest treatments, you may just avoid some major problems later on.