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Thank You Cameron And New Leaf!

Posted on by New Leaf Crawl Space

New Leaf Crawl Space literally saved my home. During a pest inspection by another company, we discovered standing ground water left long undetected had ruined nearly all the support posts in the crawl space. After overpaying a different company to pump the water out, I was lucky enough to be referred to New Leaf for the repairs. Cameron and his team replaced all the bad posts, dug a french drain and installed a sump pump with alarm. The team was prompt, courteous, clean, and the price was very reasonable. When the pest control company returned to finish their job, they commented on what an excellent job New Leaf had done with the repairs. (I will definitely use New Leaf for any future pest control needs, but I had already paid the first company.) It’s been over a year since the repair, and the crawlspace has remained dry. And on one of the follow-up checks (included in the price), Cameron voluntarily cleaned out the dryer vent free of charge. This review is long overdue; the work was performed in August 2019; but after over a year, I am still happy to say, this is a great company, and I highly recommend them!



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