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Crawlspace Restoration/Pest Control

Posted on by New Leaf Crawl Space

I truly can’t say enough good things about Jordan and the New Leaf crawlspace restoration/ pest control company! My elderly parents had an issue with mice in their crawlspace. They had initially spoken with another company, and when I heard the fees they were going to be charged, I decided to intervene and do a lot more research.. I heavily researched most companies in the area and got very detailed estimates of various service from most of the companies servicing this area.
It took a couple of extra days for Jordan to be available to come give an estimate (I assume that that was because they are steadily busy because of the quality of their work, but we waited because their reviews are spectacular), but I am so glad that we waited! It was so worth the wait. Their scheduling staff was very friendly and professional, and Jordan was very personable, and took the time to video/ photograph specific areas of the crawlspace that were of concern, and explain his recommendations and the process.
We were initially going to just have him treat the pests, remove all insulation, perform the exclusion that remained (close up potential rodent entry points) and sanitize, but once hearing and seeing the itemized estimate (and seeing that it was almost half the previous estimate from another company), we realized that we could also have the insulation replaced with new insulation. Jordan really treated my parents as if they were family members, and did his best to accommodate their needs. He put extra tunneling material from the crawlspace door to the outside door, to minimize any contaminated dust entering the house (they already bagged the old insulation in the crawlspace too), as my parents were sensitive to the allergens, and brought extra crew members to do the job so that they could finish the job in one day.
They are a very rare, caring, thoughtful company with great integrity. I would recommend this company to all of my friends and family!



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