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Awesome Company!

Posted on by New Leaf Crawl Space

I would give 10 stars to New Leaf if I could. We discovered that we had some unwanted visitors in our crawlspace so I called for a free crawlspace inspection. Cameron, who is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable, came and inspected our crawlspace. He did confirm that we had rat feces in the crawlspace and took a photo to show us and also found some points of entry that they were probably getting in from. They had also chewed on the insulation. Because 40% of the air you breathe in your house comes from your crawlspace this was not a healthy situation for us. We got an estimate for what it would cost to do a total crawlspace restoration. Cameron and his team came out on a Saturday and totally cleaned and disinfected the crawlspace, replaced the chewed insulation, placed concrete over the points of entry they were probably getting in from, replaced the whole vapor barrier and even replaced some of our vent screens so nothing could get in. A couple of our vent screens had been cut into because when we had our Koi pond put in they had to run the conduit through the vent. Cameron cut out screen covers for the vents that went around the conduit so now our vents are totally secure. Cameron also put out some rat traps in the yard a few weeks before they came to do the work. Luckily when he checked them the bait had not been taken so no rat activity. Hopefully they are gone for good. Cameron will be out in 4 weeks to reinspect the crawlspace and also check the traps again. I cannot say enough positive things about this wonderful company. I found them through yelp reviews when I was looking for a company to do the work. I am so glad I did. I highly recommend this company! Thank you Cameron and New Leaf!



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