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Does My Crawlspace Need To Be Cleaned?

Vancouver Washington Crawlspace

Right now, in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area there many homes with very unhealthy crawlspaces.  You would never […]

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A Raccoon Destroyed My Crawl Space. What Now?

Rodent Control Portland

Maybe you noticed him around the house and thought nothing of it.  It is just a cute little raccoon and it doesn’t seem to be bothering anything, right?  Then one day, you noticed that a screen in your foundation vent was open and watched that cute little raccoon run right through it and under your house.  Deciding you better check this out, you crouch down and look through the vent to find your subfloor insulation in tatters.  Air ducts are hanging, shredded to pieces and the vapor barrier is littered with feces.  Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA area when a raccoon or opossum get in your crawl space and they can do an immense amount of damage.  So, your crawl space is destroyed and you need to know what to do next.

How To Clean Up After A Raccoon

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How Rodents Destroy A Crawlspace And What To Do About It

Rats and mice are pretty much everywhere in the Portland and Vancouver Wa area.  They infest homes in rural areas, urban areas and every area in between.  Basically, they are just looking for a warm, cozy place to stay and your crawlspace is really the perfect place for them.  They can access your warm, insulated crawlspace in a variety of ways.  Often, your foundation vent screens can be open and invite them right in.  If no easy access is available, they are also pretty good at creating access on their own by digging under the foundation and into the crawlspace.

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Sump Pump Installation FAQ

Living in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area means that we have to deal with a lot of rain. Sometimes that rain finds its way into your crawlspace and you are left with harmful standing water. Many times, in these situations, our company will recommend a sump pump installation. Listed below are some of the common questions that customers ask us before deciding on moving forward with a sump pump installation.

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Why Water In Your Crawl Space Is A Big Deal

Crawl Space Drainage & Restoration in Vancouver WA from New Leaf Crawl Space Solutions

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring Here in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area, we get rain and lots of it. […]

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How Crawl Spaces Become Unhealthy

Your crawl space is a really important part of your home. You might not realize this because you probably spend very little time down there. It is dark, damp and even a little creepy, but it houses the most important elements of your home. Your plumbing pipes, air ducts and even the structural integrity of your home depend on the crawl space being in good shape in order for your home to stay healthy. Since this area of the home is so crucial, you should probably be aware of what factors can ruin it.

Animals Can Make Your Crawl Space A Very Unhealthy Place

We go into a lot of crawl spaces and see all sorts of things that can really make for an unhealthy environment, but probably the most common is an animal infestation.

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Crawl Space Restoration FAQ’s

A crawl space is a dark and creepy place. It is not a place that you generally enjoy visiting, but it plays such a crucial role in the overall health of your home. Think about all the important elements of your home that are housed in your crawl space like air ducts, plumbing, insulation and the structural components of the home and you can see that it is an important area to maintain. And, since this is an area that you probably do not go very often (or ever) you may have significant issues down there that you don’t even know about.

Crawl spaces do not get contaminated and unhealthy overnight, so it takes quite some time to get to the point where major work needs to be done. Usually by the time that we are crawled in, severe contamination has taken place. Probably the most common cause for needing a complete crawl space restoration is when rodents infest the insulation under your home. Since about 40% of the air that you breathe comes from the crawl space, you can imagine that things can get pretty unhealthy when things get out of hand.

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